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Stock status

When you place an order, always check the stock status of the product. You can find this information in the product overview on our site.

Stock delivery
= The item is in stock at our central warehouse and thus directly available. If you place and pay an order before 16.00, we will ship it the same day and you can expect the shipment the very next day.
= The item is not available at the moment, but is on its way to our central warehouse and should be in stock within 2 to 3 days. You can place an order on our website and also pay it already, so we can ship the item as soon as it becomes available.
= Delivery unknown: This means the item is not available at our supplier at the moment. We can not give you a approximate delivery time. On the product page you can register your e-mail to get a notification as soon as we receive the item from our supplier.
Shipping costs

  • Shipping costs are calculated for each product and depend on the size and weight of the product.
  • In the specifications of each product you may find the shipping costs for different shipping methods. This file tab is shown under the specifications of the product.
  • When ordering more than one product, the shipping costs for the largest ordered product will be charged.
  • The total shipping costs will be shown in the final overview of your order.

Shipping methods
(click on the underlined link for more information)

International shipping (UPS/DHL) - advance payment with international bank transfer
  • When placing your order, please indicate that your order needs to be shipped internationally and that it will be paid in advance through international bank transfer.
  • Please check the stock status of your product in the product overview in the "warehouse" column. The stock status and possible delivery time are mentioned in the order confirmation you will receive by email. In this email, you will find all necessary information to process your payment through international bank transfer. For further information on the process, please contact your bank.
  • If your payment is booked in our account before 4:00 PM Central European Time on a working day, your order will be shipped the same day, if the product is in stock. If any item is not in stock, the order won�t be shipped until the order is complete.
  • Your package will be sent by registered mail with UPS/DHL (United Parcel Service), including a value declaration. Once sent, you will receive an email including a tracking number that enables you to track the status.
  • The UPS/DHL courier will deliver your package to the address you have provided. If you are not at home when the package is delivered, the courier will try delivery again the following day. If you are not present to receive the package, the courier will leave a notice with instructions on how to collect your shipment.

After placing your order, make sure your payment is booked in our account within ten days. After this period, you order will be cancelled and special offers or conditions that applied when you placed your order are no longer valid. Should you still want to receive the product, you are welcome to place a new order on our website.

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