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1. A warranty claim can only be processed if the purchase invoice (valid warranty certificate) and possible product enclosed warranty certificates are presented to
2. There is a standard manufacturer�s warranty on all or products, valid for two years from date of purchase, unless stated otherwise. In this period you can return the product to us and we will repair it or, if necessary and possible, replace the product.
3. If there is a fabrication defect within 14 days after purchase, the product will be exchanged unless it has visible scratches, dents or any other kind of damage. You also need to return the product in its original packaging. This packaging needs to be undamaged and returned completely. If the product or the packaging is damaged, the product can only be repaired and not replaced.
4. Repair or replacement of the product does not renew or extend the warranty, unless stated otherwise.
5. entrusts its repairs to the manufacturer or a designated repair center.
6. If you return a product for repair or replacement, the shipment needs to be sufficiently stamped. All insufficiently stamped shipments will be refused. will take care of all further shipment costs if a warranty claim is justified.
7. There is no warranty claim if:

    - the problem is caused by a jolt or fall, strain, misuse, sand, dust, waste, moisture or corrosion, leaking batteries, mistreatment;
    - other persons have tinkered with the product;
    - the defects are caused by violating maintenance or safety regulations mentioned in the user manual;
    - the defects are caused by using the product in combination with improper or not fully functioning products purchased elsewhere;
    - the purchase invoice (valid warranty certificate) and possible product enclosed warranty certificates are not presented to
8. If any of the above applies to you and you cannot claim warranty, all additional costs will be passed on to you. This includes repair, shipment and all other costs that may arise concerning the repair of this product.
9. In most cases, you will receive an estimate of the repair costs. You can agree to have the repair done or not. If you don�t agree with the repair cost estimate and you would like to have your product sent back to you unrepaired, you are obligated to pay the research expenses. These costs amount to 50 EUR incl. VAT on average. Of course these costs will be stated in the repair cost estimate.
10. Four or less dead or stuck pixels on a screen/TV/monitor are not covered by the warranty. In that case the product cannot be exchanged or repaired under the provisions of the warranty. However, in case of digital cameras, dead pixels are usually noticeable in the photograph, and it is covered by warranty, as this has a direct effect on the picture quality.
11. Dust on the CCD chip of SLR cameras does not fall under the provisions of warranty. The camera cannot be exchanged. Of course we can arrange having the camera cleaned. If we cannot take care of that ourselves, the customer may contact and arrange cleaning with the manufacturer. Be aware that some manufacturers charge additional costs. On average you will have to pay 50 to 65 EUR, depending on the manufacturer.
12. Please send an email to or give us a call to inform about instructions on how to ship your product correctly. If you call us, please choose option 3 from our menu to be connected with our warranty department.  

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